Nick lives in South Lake Tahoe with his wife Kelly and two children Callum (8) and Mia (6). Nick received a Master’s Degree from the University of Nevada in Land-Use Planning and is currently a Senior, AICP Land-Use Planner with Midkiff and Associates, Inc. 

Nick brings innovative ideas and an understanding of the complex regulatory environment in the Tahoe Basin to facilitate projects that create a significant return on investment and demonstrable environmental benefits. This work resulted in Nick’s team being awarded the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Best in Basin Award for Water Quality, Restoration, and Erosion Control in 2017. 

Nick was also the lead planner on a project that recently developed fire infrastructure (hydrants, fire lines, etc.) between Cave Rock and Uppaway. Prior to the project no fire infrastructure existed in this area. Nick was able to develop this fire system without any taxpayer or ratepayer dollars. 

Nick’s community ethic has lead him to positions on several community boards and committees. Nick's participation reflects his core values of ensuring the greatest benefit to the environment, a strong economy and business community, and improved education for our students.

Nick's Community Leadership Positions Past & Present

South Tahoe Chamber - Leadership Lake Tahoe Alumni

Past Committee Member of the Tahoe Drug Free Coalition

Chair of the Tahoe Chamber Government Affairs Committee

Chair of the City of South Lake Tahoe 100% Renewable Committee 

Lake Tahoe Unified School District (LTUSD) – Green Space Committee Member

Member of the LTUSD Renewable Energy/Sustainability Committee 

Founder of the Tahoe Climate Change Action Network

South Tahoe TEDx Alumni 


Aging Sewer Infrastructure

The STPUD board is currently kicking the can down the road when it comes to dealing with the issue of its aging sewer infrastructure. 

Fire Infrastructure Needs Innovative Ideas Not Same Old Same Old

Fire is the greatest threat we face and currently there are too many homes and neighborhoods in STPUD’s jurisdiction still lacking the correct size water lines to enable fire fighters to put out fires.

Renewable Energy = Rate Savings

The STPUD board is currently not taking advantage of renewable energy options and opportunities. For example, STPUD's properties in Alpine County are ideal locations to install solar panels and/or wind turbines. 

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